Nikkei, our market mount, in auto tech is steep,
Served cold by Bank of Japan, who riled the sheep.
In stocks it does retreat; for interest rates, we weep,
Like goats on slippery slope, the drop is hard and deep.

Just as the rabbit leaps, in sudden jolt and sway,
So did the CATL shares, on this surprising day.
With Xiaomi, BAIC's play, and Morgan's white array,
Like snail with new-found wings, it chases gloom away.

But alas for Dongfeng, the snail now left behind,
In racing with the hares, no profit could it find.
Its shares slump low in kind, to competition blind,
A dog in crows dark nest, a fate most unkind.

by Guillemette de Ventadour

a centaur