In Commerzbank's halls of gold, where scholars count and stare,
The Treasury-Bund yield doth unfold, by economic prayer.
Like ale in kegs of plenty, spread 'twixt here and distant lands,
In bonds and coins aplenty, guided by wise hands.

BNP Paribas, a tavern rich and fine,
From Fosun buys Ageas, for coin no less than divine.
Like monk who trades his holy wine, for handfuls of the East,
So do economic powers, in their eternal feast.

Once Apple's reign was mighty, as lords of smartphone's day,
Now Samsung sits in majesty, while Apple yields the sway.
Just as the humble brewer, oft overtakes the wine,
Even so in device-lore, changes 'twixt thine and mine.

by Brother Arnulfus

a centaur