Of decisions grave, in realms afar, a strategy is born,
Against the Dragon from the East, a rival to their corn.
Enforced by tariffs stern and cold, security unfolds,
With coin in tech bestowed with care, the three-legged plan holds.

Upon the sands of Rafah, in retreat they find no peace,
Palestinian hearts embattled, yearn for swift release.
In makeshift homes of woven fabric, 'gainst the cruel tide,
Survival rings a bitter toll, where amenities reside not by their side.

Li Auto's fall, a profit dipped in sorrow's mournful hue,
Yet amidst the loss, amidst the fall, their revenue grew.
In the race of sparking chariots, they bear the margin's weight,
Trade's capricious mistress smiles, as they negotiate fate's slate.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur