Beneath the sols resplendent gaze, a damsel fond and sage,
Sheinbaum, in Mexico's heart, steps forth to rule the age.
Victorious with pledges spun, a leftist tapestry,
By landslide's might, she claims her right, a maiden in decree.

From lands afar, where justice meets within a courtly hall,
GSK's fortunes sway and tumble, a seafarer in squall.
Zantac, its bane, in trials named, by sufferers of plight,
Their shares doth bleed a raven's greed, in Delaware's stark night.

GenScript Biotech, vessel fair, in seas of commerce caught,
In Hong Kong's port its shares report a fate they ne'er have sought.
U.S. lawmakers probe and pry, eying farthest shores,
In Chinese ties and woven lies, the storm yet roars and roars.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur