From the stronghold of King & Spalding, nine in number depart,
To fortify Paul Hastings, where legalities impart.
Restructuring the mighty, in the name of private credit,
Thus, drapes the bard his verse in their bold act's splendid merit.

Amidst the thunder's disapproval, stands stout Larry Hogan,
In Senate's quest for governance, he's the anti-Trump slogan.
In the land once led by Maryland, now echo his footsteps,
As the bard strums his lute, the tale of his journey eclipses.

Trump, in conviction mired, and Biden tapes unsealed arise,
Calling upon dear Mike Johnson, a decision to surmise.
The contempt of Merrick Garland, or the Congress' esteem,
The Irish Bard endows this saga, in his nocturnal dream.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur