Merrily with profits in bloom, goodly Deliveroo,
Bestows unto shareholders, coin of virtue anew,
Under earnings' mantle, of £80 million hue,
Recount, to profits sways, I bid, adieu.

In Portuguese soils miners dig, for green transition's aid,
'Gainst locals firm resistance, the challenge hath not frayed.
Continents wide, the quest ensues, a surely worthy trade,
Yet hearts around, perchance to sway, 'twere eas'ly dismayed.

In the market's theatre, its Persimmon's time,
First-half bounty of £1.2 billion, a merry chime,
Nine thousand dreams of homes, in verses and in rhyme,
Echoes 'cross the land, in the bell tower's climb.

by Guillemette de Ventadour

a centaur