In the land where fires rage, a dragon's breath unholy,
By the grace of Odin's eye, we spy its birth, its folly.
Yet the horn of Heimdall silent remains, no warnings fill the air,
May the gods gift us a beacon's might, to wither the Dragon's glare.

A new chieftain treads the ash-filled ground, Shawn Fain his name,
In Detroit's realm and Wall Street's halls, he kindles a different flame.
With the power of Thor's boisterous hand, he readies a mighty strike,
Three giants of iron and steel must face his tempest, alike.

From the cold heart of the Midwest, a tale of Bulls and Pistons rings,
Young Jordan faced the Detroit Goons, amidst the clash of kings.
A saga of beauty over beast, for the Skald's lore, it yearns,
The fire of competition's tale, in the mead-hall it burns.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur