Lo! A fickle mistress is Fortune, indeed,
As Autumn dons her crimson shroud, investors take heed.
For U.S stocks, once Summer's bounty, now in Fall's dread clutch,
Vikings of Wall Street steady their oars, nursing frightful hunch.

Lo! the saga of Albemarle, Liontown caught in her ravenous gaze,
A feast of billions in silver and gold sets the Northern seas ablaze.
In the lithium-mines vast kingdom, the giants stir and awaken,
One behemoth 'gainst another, let not thy courage be shaken.

Lo! the dragon of the East shifts, its coils stirring anew,
Towards a realm of private riches its fiery gaze doth skew.
In the heart of China's economy, a seed of change is sown,
A new department sprouts, 'neath the dragon's fiery crown.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur