On the land where the sun first awakes, doth the Nikkei ascend,
For the chariots of steel, and the halls of coin, lend strength to its beguend.
Hope dances in hearts; a morrow less hasty than today,
In the realm of stars and stripes, where fervent dreams hold sway.

Then whispers waft from eastern Gate, with undertones obscure,
Of dragon kin, in sheep's attire, their motives far from pure.
Their cloak and dagger play's been foiled, a hundred times and more,
In the tribal land of eagles, where freedom's cry does roar.

Yet rise anew, the jade dragon's might, embraced by Zeus's spark,
Firing chariots of the future, blazing trails in the dark.
Investors crowd, talents abound, in this unfolding tale,
In the land of the dragon, where innovations never pale.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur