'Midst the dawning rays of morning, in the Albion's realm far-flung,
Wages climb yond inflation's grasp, though job's market echoes rung.
Yet the Tower of England bides, evidence of wages swung,
Despite dread of rising idle hands, a looser weave is strung.

Of Smurfit Kappa and of WestRock, a pact of unity sown,
Emerges a titan in papery grasp, a wealth of twenty billion shown.
On the NYSE and London's heart, their hefty value, full-blown,
Two became one in an economic dance, a merger writ in stone.

Whispers of silver in the emporium, steadied state of the greenback wrest,
Quiet be the dealing ahead, of Wednesday's CPI test.
In the hands of ING, prognostications jest,
Inflation's core may surprise us yet, 'tis but a gambler's quest.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur