Of Menendez, his image tarnished by a bribe,
His fellow knights do urge, resign, withdraw from noble tribe.
In Jersey's court, he stands accused, the charge proclaimed on Friday,
The whispers spread, the gavel falls, and honor fades away.

Tropical maiden Ophelia, on East Coast makes her way,
In her wrath, she halts our travels, casts skies with somber gray.
From Carolina's gentle shore to New England's rugged base,
She warns with flood and blustering wind, to each soul leave some trace.

Hear me now, ye merry folks, news that stirs the vine,
This period in history offers the finest wine!
Bask in crimson's sweet delight, in golden white unwind,
A toast to thee, a toast to life, and joy that we shall find!

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur