Hear ye now, of EasyJet's plight,
A Viking vessel in tempestuous night.
Predicted yield falls short of mark,
Yet spark of hope flickers in the dark.
As fourth-quarter harvests do arise,
They pledge to honour dividend ties.

Next, the tale of Seven & i,
Its treasure scant 'neath foreign sky.
7-Eleven stores in alien lands,
Hold less than promised golden sands.
And department store, now ceded ground,
Furthers the net worths downward bound.

To the land of the Teutons, our saga moves,
Where Bunds hold strong as Odin approves.
Though inflation mounts in lands far west,
And the oil-flame weakens at its best,
In the face of risks that yield dismay,
They, like the sturdy ash, do stay.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur