In distant Malaysia's verdant land, the bard of tales doth sing,
Of TikTok's dance with law's command, a puppet on a string.
'Tis not enough to play in tune, the minister critic,
Defame and deceive, under the moon, needs further hieroglyphic.

The jingle of the sterling fair, in Kingdoms old and grand,
Shakes not the market's deep despair, in line with demand.
The bear and bull in courtyards play, in high stance they endure,
No silver song to sway the day, no certainty secure.

From Gaza's strife, a tale unwinds, of Hamas, fierce and bold,
Their purpose hidden in their minds, in hushed whispers, told.
They rush from shadows, sphere of throes, unrest and turmoil reel,
In braided verse and brooding prose, their sonnet of ordeal.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur