In lands afar across the sea, where stars and stripes do wave,
A threat of dark intent doth loom, a chilling spectre grave.
Says congress to expand might's throne, to dragon and to bear,
With atom's fire, let foes beware, for America doth dare.

From China's hold, in silent night, the North Korean throng,
Repatriated in their land, this act perceived as wrong.
Despite world's plea and bated breath, harsh fates await the poor,
In Kim's dominion, fear is king, a cruel evermore.

Fair Kaiser Permanente, to workers fair and just,
Doth proffer gain in golden wage, a move that earns their trust.
Increased investment in their flock, a soothing balm to strife,
In health's domain, such progress reigns, enhancing precious life.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur