From the land of high towers where gold coins hold sway,
MUFG speaks, turmoil not a reaper's play.
EUR/USD steadfast, below 1.05 it stays,
In grand divergence 'twixt the eagle's and euro's ways.

In the midst of eastern sands, misfortune does coil,
Conflict's shadow darkens, foreshadows oil's spoil.
Investors gaze upon the scene, their hearts roil,
Into the belly of strife, their hopes may soil.

Now does Otis, a tempest fierce, in our tale weave,
On Acapulco's shore, a deadly leave.
Torrent and landslide, a grim toll they heave,
'Fore the powers of the flood, all must take leave.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur