In realm of gold and sable kings, a play of commerce unfolds,
Where banks, 'neath mountainous debt, seek refuge in private hold,
By quill and parchment, trade is stirred, bedecked in terms untold,
Yet o're this stage of lucre's dance, suspicion's gaze takes hold.

Rivian, fair maiden of electric dreams, sings a hopeful paean,
For losses wane, and production's flame does brighten with each span;
Long years of storm, and trial, now seem but a flickering illusion,
Her pledge, a lighthouse beaming through time's confounding confusion.

In fair Ohio's verdant fields, a choice has been decreed,
A woman's hallowed sovereignty in the constitution's creed.
A testament to shifts of thought in fevered electoral seasons,
A rights' battle vanguard, 'gainst next year's tidal reasons.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur