Lo! Elon Musk's virtual swayer, xAI, ascends high o'er the tide,
A fierce beast in rings gold, six billion strong, means to ride,
In the battleground of thoughts woven in wire and light,
More grist for the god of thunder's mill, they bring to fight.

In the weave of numbers and letters, where the bond traders dwell,
'A quiet start,' cries out Commerzbank, the seer wise and swell.
Awaiting the wyrd of the Ifo data, a rune yet to be read,
With the ECB's hawk and dove, soon to carve their stead.

On the shores of commerce, gold's glint meets the dawn's soft light,
Held aloft by invisible hands, it begins its sunward flight.
The eye of the Federal eagle descends on the PCE's measure,
All await with baited breath, the new gold hoard's treasure.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur