In the realm of Redstone, a wistful tale unfurled,
Facing fearsome money-Imps, as debts have been twirled.
Just as goats pick paths on cliffs, taking each risk in turn,
Fear not, for midst these quaking stones, a wise lesson is learned.

With Biden as the rabbit, swiftly through green fields he hopped,
Raising golden kernels high, while rivals' efforts flopped.
Through his vigour, his journey in April's sweet caress,
Exceeding leading foxes, in their monetary stress.

Now hear of Putin, the snail, with iron helmet glistened,
Speak of ghostly warriors, that simply have not existed.
Behold the dog that barks no more, once a force, now shorn,
Fell upon its own sword's edge, in the light of dawn.

by Guillemette de Ventadour

a centaur